Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Morning After with Eight

Last night C recommended we venture off on a romantic evening at Bed Bath and Beyond in pursuit of an endgrain chopping block. I have never been a fan of wooden chopping blocks, but my Valentines' Day knives have remained unused due to the fact that I care more about taking care of those blades than my personal preferences. As it turns out, endgrain blocks don't show the knife cuts like lengthgrain blocks do. I also picked up some mineral oil to cure the block before using it.
C picked up one of my new knives and tried the paper slice. Like butter! Aaand the older knives we got for our wedding over 11 years ago? not even close. I can't wait. I have always wanted to learn how to chef-chop. I have watched videos online, but never had knives that were up to the task. I literally jumped up and down with glee when I opened them, but they came with a warning. I can't count how many times C has told me NOT to chop off my fingers.
After finding the perfect block, we wandered off to find a cookie, when C realized that in lieu of dinner, I had opted for an hour nap, followed by a visit from my most beloved papa.

"Let's get you some dinner." C said. Right next to the cookie shop was a pizza place.

"BBQ chicken pizza, please!" I declared.

We ordered a couple of slices of the finest. Lo and behold, there was our star designer from work sitting with his adorable girls and wife! He looked so different than the last time I saw him that I barely recognized him. We had a nice long conversation about work. He said that the lack of stress alone was a huge relief for him, and that he was enjoying his new job immensely.

They had just finished watching the Bieber movie, and I think he got a gold star for that one. What a trouper! It was so good to see them and to catch up.

Once home, I had nothing left to do! I only made it part way through my slice before I was full, and we settled in to watch some TV for a few minutes before I fell fast asleep. It has been a very long time since I have seen an 8 on the clock when I woke, but what a great feeling! "You slept REALLY well." C exclaimed. Aye, truly.

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