Monday, February 7, 2011

Fighting For Bags

I am sitting in a hotel room, wishing I had my little Penny to fluff my hair and make piggy noises in my ear while she presses her little feathered body against my cheek. C stopped by for a few minutes, but not long enough for me. The snow outside makes me feel a little better about my decision to hunker downtown for the conference, but by the end of the week I will be happy to see it end.

I already sent out a request for post-mortem reports from all of the committee chairs, due next week. I have some great ideas on how to make this conference better for 2012, but today I had yet another experience that confirmed my desire to cut the apron strings from the conference "child." It's just the right thing to do. It would be a different story entirely were certain circumstances to change, but that is an impossibility.

This morning I thought about how I am so tossed about by troubled waters, and then thought about how Peter's faith in the Lord Jesus Christ allowed him to walk on water. I decided that this is my week to rise above my troubles and exercise enough faith that I will not be tossed about by them like a lost ship on the sea. I already started to sink a bit today with something that happened, but I am past it and rising above it all again.

Upward and onward, and on, on to my workout! Aaand then back to work.

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