Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twenty Happy Toes

Today I received the following text:

C: Please set up an appointment for tonight (or right now) to get a foot massage and pedi! No buts.
Me: For you?
C: Ha! For YOU! If I have to sit next to you I will, but you must get one!

I found a nearby spa that does Reflexology, and we were off for a couple's massage. We soaked in grapefruit oil, had our feet scrubbed, and then went to a candle-lit couple's retreat where we rested on massage beds while our feet received the royal treatment. Ah, my puffy cabbage-patch feet were happy, and C's? If falling asleep is any indicator of how relaxed he was, I'd say he enjoyed it quite a bit.

Peanut and Cricket have been very active lately. One of my favorite activities is watching my stomach jump around on its own. I never tire of feeling my little kickboxing babies. It never gets old. I just smile, even late at night.


  1. Yay for the pedicure but SUPER YAY for the cute kicking twosome.

    Sigh. Envious but so exceptionally happy for you at the same time. You get that, right!? I hope so. :)

  2. Sounds like forty happy toes. :-)

  3. Thanks Melissa and Missy! Yes, forty toes would be accurate!!! And yes, Melissa, I get it, totally. I have a post coming up just for you!


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