Sunday, November 6, 2011

Swammp Thing meets Prince Charming

Yesterday morning I woke up before C. I brought him his favorite little bird, Penny, who nibbled on his ear in order to wake him up. Once she accomplished her objective, he rolled over and groped around for his phone. He pushed a few buttons and then held his phone toward me. A strange sound came from the phone, gurgling and growling, growing louder and angrier. It sounded like a badger, and then an angry bear, and then a combination of the Swamp Thing and an angry bear. Suddenly I laughed, "That's me, isn't it?" My snoring was so bad that C couldn't sleep. 100% more blood + 32 weeks prego = snoring monster.

Saturday was my second baby shower. It was a nice casual open house and mom made lovely soups and had a fabulous salad bar. Before I left, C was measuring the back of the baby mobile, and when I came home he had built a platform that fit in the back of the baby mobile. The double stroller slides beneath so that items may be easily loaded on top without losing storage space! Thanks, my handy inventor!

This morning C woke and without saying a word started diapering the stuffed animals in the baby's room where I was relaxing in the lazy boy. I had a good laugh as he put on quite the show, pretending to apply gobs of diaper rash cream and handing me newly diapered toys. How did I get so lucky!

Daylight savings meant I got to sleep more today. That was a happy thing for me, but someone forgot to tell our tiny birds that bedtime is now an hour later. Kawi was acting funny and preening C's socks of fuzz balls before I realized that he was exhausted and ready to go to bed despite what the clock said. Poor little guy! He seems to operate best on about 13 hours of sleep per night.

 At church I bore my testimony (an expression of my beliefs) since it could be several months before I get around to it again, depending on when the girls arrive. When I turned sideways to walk to the pulpit I heard a few gasps at my impressive side profile, somewhere between sympathy and alarm. Gotta love it. Still, everyone is extremely impressed that I have managed to stay off of bed rest, and I am just eager to keep it that way!

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