Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caulk Me

I finally buckled down and re-caulked our bathtub yesterday. It really didn't take much time, but it is the hassle of keeping it off of your skin, and clothes, and everywhere else it shouldn't be. For those who have ever experienced getting caulk on their skin, it somehow effects the nervous system and you wind up extremely irritable, not to mention the joy of cleaning off of your hands. Thank goodness for latex gloves.

I had a wild streak of cleaning following caulking the tub and base-boards. I decided to refinish the master bathroom just because I was tired of having three bathrooms in the house and only 2 1/2 functioning as they were designed. As I raced to the store for some last minute supplies, C rolled over and said, "It's 11:00! I have to wake up at 6:00!" When I came home just shy of midnight, he was attempting to sleep, so I abandoned my plans to overhaul the bathroom, and saved the remainder of the project for another day. It will ultimately be a mini remodel to hold us over for the real remodel some time in the future, but it will just be nice to get a functioning sink and shower in the master bath we haven't used since moving in. As you may know, three bathrooms just aren't enough for two persons. {Smirk}

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  1. Way to be productive! I'll have to come check things out.


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