Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paid to Blog?

Yes, it's true. I am paid to blog. I know there are those in the world who aspire to such job responsibilities, so how, you may ask, do you get paid to blog? Excellent question, and one that I am afraid I am not qualified to answer. Let it suffice to say that my line of work is interesting enough to merit blogging, so last week I was told that I would be an author on my company's blog.

On to more exciting topics, I spent the last two days recovering from strep, and the moment my 48 hour contagious timer went up, I hit the road for Yoga class. Nothing like planking it with a sore lower back. I was almost up to par, but a little trembley. No, that is not a word, but did I mention I am a non-conformist? Still, you knew what it meant.

As it turns out, dictionaries are really only a collection of words that exist and are used frequently enough to merit notation for common understanding and clarity. So, if you want a word to show up in the dictionary, just use it often, and it will catch fire. You'd be surprised how many listeners will pick it up. Just watch out for the brainiac who gets the itch to look it up in the dictionary. Slip him a twenty and tell him to check the dictionary next decade, and you're on your way to giving birth to a brand new baby word.

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