Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wishy Washer

I know it is every woman's dream to tear apart a dishwasher piece by piece, but I am truly living the dream. It only took fifteen minutes or so to tear it apart, and then a couple of hours to de-scale each piece from the built up lime caked so thick in the filter that it is a miracle our dishes were getting anywhere near clean.

C was kind enough to pick up some dinner, otherwise it is possible he would have gone without. The counters and stove were draped in dishwasher parts, and the sink was full of white scales. I believe I came close to finding a stalagmite in the bottom of the dishwasher, and may have destroyed some rare and unusual formations growing beneath the filter.

Well, to make up for the non-meal last night I buckled down and provided a bounty of food tonight, including my homemade sweet red curry sauce. Is it wrong to say that I am my own favorite cook? If only I had a little more time, I would hire me as my own personal chef. Oh, and yes, my dishes do look much better now . . .

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