Thursday, November 20, 2008

Super Student, Super Friend

Tonight C said, much to my surprise, "I actually enjoyed reading that article." We are nearing the end of his first semester of a second graduate degree in Public Administration. As much as he appreciates this educational opportunity, I believe this was the first time I heard him use the word "enjoy" in conjunction with this pursuit. It was certainly a moment for celebration to embalm as a moment of joy amidst apparent and enduring agony.

Along with work, school, and maintaining a home and property, C finds time to be a positive role model to the hundred + youth in our church and neighborhood. How many adults do you know of who receive camouflage birthday invitations to kid's birthday parties, and who show up on the doorstep to show off a new bike? Not so many, I assume.

C and fellow leaders held a bold Q&A with the young adults, allowing them to ask any question to the bishopric. C had the pleasure of answering such light fare as, "Does God love Satan as much as Jesus?" I had the pleasure of hearing the answer and felt C handled it rather well, albeit with some assistance from our local scripture maniac and neighbor (a generous compliment, I assure you). On top of everything else, C is an amazing friend and partner who stayed up late last night to listen to the chatter of a not-so-tired wife. Thanks for everything you do!

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  1. I hope you are experiencing happy dishwasher successes, and I also hope that maybe I am your SECOND favorite cook. Let's get together and find out.


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