Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update on Kawi

If it is possible for a cockatiel to have separation anxiety, I am sure ours does. When we arrive home, he calls out (C's name, rather loudly). On especially clingy days, he will only sit on our hands or fingers rather than our shoulders, and will insist on sitting on an arm or hand even when eating. The other night I took him in the car with me to the store. He realized that if he climbed off of my shoulder, I would leave him in the car, so he bit and squabbled to keep me from taking him off of my shoulder.

Aside from his very clingy nature, he is a great little pet, especially first thing in the morning, when he sings Mozart, chirps like a cricket, says "Come here!" and shows off his wings to get our attention. Occasionally he snuggles down and wants to be petted, but otherwise he just wants to play, dodging C's hands to run onto his keyboard and pull off yet another key.

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