Sunday, June 7, 2009

Apricot Chicken, Lemon Salmon, Chicken Noodle, Rosemary Lamb . . .

The fridge is FULL of food. Not just food, but prepared food. I made scratch gluten-free chicken noodle for a sick friend earlier this week, and was going to cook fresh salmon for us for dinner, but C wanted chicken noodle too, so I made another pot with whole wheat noodles. Rather than let the salmon go bad, I baked it on Thursday night at 9:30 PM, when I also discovered that I had some thawed out chicken that also needed to be used. Last night, when C came home, I told him I would have apricot chicken ready in 20 minutes. He looked at me and laughed, knowing how many other prepared dishes were ready in the fridge. I wish I could say this was always the case, but we will certainly not need to cook for a while. Also readily available, a roasted turkey breast, fresh veggies and fruits, and more!

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