Friday, June 12, 2009

Is it Wrong to Eat Lasagna at 6:30 AM?

Last night I stopped to pick up some ricotta for lasagna, when I got a text that C had a meeting in less than an hour. I quickly picked up a Kashi pizza, and told him to fire up the oven. While the pizza cooked, I assembled my lasagna, with roasted garlic, and fresh basil, oregano, and sage from my herb garden, whole wheat noodles, grape tomatoes, super lean beef, and sweet red bell peppers. While C ate, I tossed the lasagna in the oven to cook.

At 3:00 AM, C's alarm went off. He occasionally gets the idea that he wants to work a graveyard shift, but then the bed holds him hostage until he is drained of all sleepiness essence. He then is left to suffer through his normal work hours, and the box of doughnuts he purchased for his staff sits around making me want one. I thought he could use a little encouragement this morning. As you can imagine, the initial response was not great, but after his shower, I did get a big "Thank You" for my "encouragement."

After unsuccessfully attempting to journey back into dreamland via iPod serenades, I got up around 4 AM, I ate some yogurt, and went to work. By 6:30, all I could think about was my savory lasagna. Who wrote the rules for breakfast? I always considered myself a non-conformist anyway . . .

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