Sunday, June 7, 2009

Recent Projects

Inspired by theDude, I thought I would include a few photos of my most recent projects, in reverse chronological order. There is only one thing worse than having construction work done on your home that creates thick layers of dust everywhere, and that is when YOU are the one creating the dust AND the one who has to clean it up!

Claudia, I finally framed in the window!

Well, after years of having tiny wood blocks holding in the stained glass window I built in 2004, I finally sanded, mudded, and finished it. It isn't perfect, but then neither is the window. After completing this project, I spent a day cleaning baseboards, all of the blinds, vacuuming, mopping, and dusting.

Project Backsplash

After a few years of wiping food and water off of the wall, I finally decided to finish our backsplash. This project was a little less dusty, and minus floating the lightswitch and outlet plates, this one was more up my alley than the window.


Finally, I added plants to the planterbox that we started to build last year. Oh, and Friday I started painting the wood fence. That one will take a bit longer. It takes about two hours to do three segments and I only have about thirty more to go.

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