Sunday, June 7, 2009

For the Birds: Woodpeckers and Quail

Speaking of birds, in addition to rescuing a duck this year, C recently found an injured quail. I told him that if he brought home any more injured birds, I was going to start wondering if he was the one hitting them with his car. On a serious note, he kept the bird safe in a box in the garage and gave it some water and food, and the next day, we found a bird rehabilitator not far from C's work. He assured C that the bird would be fine.

When searching for our home, I had on my list of requirements that we needed to have mature trees. I didn't realize that we would wind up with ten VERY mature apple trees, three aspen, four pine trees, three ornamental pears, and a fruit-bearing pear. A year after moving in, we removed two apple trees and added a cherry and a braeburn apple. The original apple trees are around 70 years old, and this last year, one of my favorite apple trees fell to deadwood in two of the main trunks. This was also our hammock tree. One unexpected outcome for the deadwood is a family of woodpeckers. The nest sits just a few feet above the hammock, and we can hear the purr of hungry woodpecker babies, and watch the parents tag-team the rigorous feeding schedule. When I get around to it in the next couple of days, I will upload a video of our new feathered friends.

On that note, C is currently cleaning up a neighbor and friends' flooded basement, so who is the real superhero?

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  1. Congratulations on tying up so many loose ends around the house. That always feels good.

    And we agree that your husband is a superhero. "Anytime, night or day..." We appreciate it.


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