Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cart Trekking, Across the Wilderness . . .

Our Pioneer Trek is officially over, and minus some sleep deficiencies, headaches, and a few sore muscles and blisters, we feel it went quite well. It is always difficult to know if you made a real difference in the lives of those youth. We hope we did. You never really know, I suppose. Our last Trek we had six children, and this time we had nine. C and I both grew up with a brutal work ethic, so we had to hide our awe at the lack of enthusiasm for work from some of our children.

Overall, we had a great time, many adopted children, and a general unity that really came together the last day. The women's pull was a success when we decided to send all of the boys in the family off, rather than the recommended oldest one or two. That really made the experience for the girls, because we were the only girl-only family pulling the handcart up Faith hill with sixty extra pounds in tow on the cart. Their confidence was bolstered immensely, and they knew they were capable of doing difficult things.

We took them all cookies this week with a brief note, and will send off a letter next week via snail mail. I hope they know how great they are, and I hope we have done enough to help them draw closer to Christ.

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