Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Becca!

Just a little shout-out to my good friend, Becca. Today she turned 35, and let me tell you, she is one rockin' mom! She is highly intelligent and skilled at so many things, it will make you weep to hear them all, so here are just a few:

Cooking - she could win contests (if she hasn't already) for her outstanding culinary skills. This is no shoddy chef, here ladies and gents, but a bonified chef in her kitchen and out. Women of every age yearn to learn her tasty baking secrets.

Cleaning - I thought I was doing pretty good at keeping a tidy house, but even with her busy life, she manages to keep a pristine household.

Conversation - we have all met that person who is just as generous in speech as they are in gracious gestures, and Becca certainly fits the bill. When sitting down to a meal, or doing a service project, Becca will masterfully include everyone in the room, driving, and facilitating a conversation like a race-car pro. Highly skilled to expert in this category.

Fitness - I recently spoke with a mutual friend who gushed about what great shape Becca is in, and she certainly is. Becca takes exercise seriously, and has participated in multiple races this summer, inviting many of her friends and family members to join in the fun. She is gearing up for - not one, but two half-marathons within the next six months! You go, girl!

Motherhood - Becca loves mothering her two girls, and she makes it look fun, despite the daily ups-and-downs of parenthood. She cherishes the time she spends with her girls and recently took a vacation to the NW with her family. Did I mention that she was so sick during both preganacies that she was in the hospital on more than one occasion! It takes some kind of insane dedication to go after motherhood a second round when you know what kind of hell you are in for before you make the leap.

Witty - Becca finds time to laugh about even the bleak things, and allows others to laugh along with her with her witty sense of humor. If you don't believe me, check out her hilarious blog! Be forewarned, you won't want to put this book down once you open it!

A Great Friend - Becca takes time for so many people in her life, and does a great job keeping in touch. The funny thing is that I think everyone believes they are her favorite friend because she is so good at it! I am sure when she dies her girls will spend the rest of their lives fighting over the fact that THEY were her favorite child, and a few hundred people out there will be mourning the fact that they lost their one true best friend.

A Great Wife - Just look at her hubby, and you can tell he knows he made a catch when he got Becca. Far from a pushover, Becca is an excellent listening ear, loves what he loves because she loves him, and has a warm, delicious meal waiting when he comes home each day! (She even eats at the same restaurant every Saturday at the same time because it is his favorite place! Now that's dedication! Okay, maybe she likes it too. . .)

Pianist - At the drop of a hat Becca can accompany the choir or perform a solo piano performance that will make you sit back in awe. This woman has talent pouring out of her ears, and our of her mouth too because she also has a beautiful voice and can easily pick out Alto, or skillfully sing Soprano.

A Homemaker - that is, homemaker with a capitol H. She CHOSE to do what she is doing and she loves it and does it well. If there was an Olympic event for homemaking, she would beat Phelps in his takeaway record, but would keep those gold metals sparkling clean (unlike Phelps). What doesn't this woman do?

An Intellect - Recently a neighbor of Becca's was struggling with finishing a degree she meant to complete many years before, but was unable to finish because of her math difficulties. Becca took time out of her schedule every week to tutor this neighbor who graduated with flying colors, thanks to Becca's dedication. She gulps down books like they were slurpees (minus the brainfreeze). She was at the doorstep of law school with an LSAT score in the 97th percentile - Did I get that right, or was it 98th? But she chose motherhood over the courtroom. Put that in your book, women libbers! This is a woman you don't want to mess with!

Humanitarian - She doesn't know I notice, but she shops at stores that aren't doing so well to help them stay in business, and she looks out for friends and family members with the dedication of a lioness. Don't mess with her peeps!

A Great Leader - At her former job, she excelled beyond expectations in management, and continues to do so while serving at Church, over an organization that is about 200 individuals strong. She manages a small army of teachers and leaders to work with one of the largest groups of children I have ever seen. This is no small feat, I assure you, and yet she does so with skill, ease, and her usual wit and style.

A Model - This is no shabby, run-ragged lady. Becca is stylin' even in her running skirt and tennies. She has great fashion sense both in her home and in her wardrobe.

Becca is beautiful, smart, skilled, friendly, fun, and such an amazing woman! Well, I could go on and on, but I will just invite you to learn a little more about her at her blog (since my poor husband is trying to sleep while I write this). Becca, thanks for being such a great friend to us, and for making our lives so much the richer for knowing you! We love you! C & A


  1. Anne, you totally made me cry. You are a dear friend to me. I love you.

  2. Also, this reminded me why I want YOU to write my obituary, but you also better mention that I eat a ton of candy and I'm kind of complainer or no one will believe you on the rest. xoxo


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