Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It was Love at First Fit

Today I stopped by a local running store (located via the Vibram Five Fingers website), and tried on some VFF KSOs. I tried them on at another store earlier, but zero customer service killed that sale. This place was AMAZING! If I was a blogger who cared to identify my whereabouts, I would give this place a major plug. (If you know me, ask.)

I was still in my dress suit from work, but took a jog on the treadmill just the same. Running in VFFs is a completely different experience - you don't strike your heels at all. Sounds very odd, but you have to experience it to understand. After several minutes, I thought my PF would flare up, but without the heel striking, it just felt better and better. I am pretty sure I imprinted on these shoes within about fifteen minutes. I refused to take them off, as shown by the shot of my very happy foot in the car.

I arrived home to find my sleeping C , back from his long moto trip. I snuggled up to say hello, and after a few minutes he opened his eyes and looked at my feet. "You have gorilla feet!" He said, and laughed. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Our neighbor doctor and his wife stopped by to say hello and asked admiringly about the shoes. (This is the Doc who wears Crocs, so we call him the Doc in Crocs.)

Finally, I had to test them out at my Yoga class. My fave teacher came through, and I had the pleasure of meeting his amazing wife tonight. Certainly, Tyran did not disappoint, and all of that stress from finishing my operating systems class in two days melted away. I especially appreciated his mental exercises during the last part of class, explaining that we are not our minds or our bodies alone, but our minds and bodies are tools we use. If we keep this in mind, we increase our capacity. Oh, and the shoes? Awesome! They didn't get in the way at all, and in fact provided just enough support for my left foot that I could even stand on it for a while for a one-foot pose. VFF for Yoga? Passed with flying colors.


  1. you should try just walking around or hiking in them as well. There some cool new ones coming out. This site is great for information on the shoes and reviews on some other ones.

  2. Oddly, franklin's comment sounds a bit like an ad, but hey, I did neglect to hyperlink to the VFF site like I usually do, so I will humor your comment and add the hyperlink.


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