Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sure you have a week left. . .

Last night I started to write the following:
"I have been staring at my computer plowing through Computer Science courses all weekend long. C was at his grandparent's home, so I took full advantage of the situation by eating leftovers and doing almost no housework. Speaking of housework, Kawi isn't very helpful in that category. I finally figured out that he takes the dog-food looking pieces out of his food dish and flips them onto the slate floor and watches to see where they will go. How's that for fowl attitude? They are especially fun to step on since I haven't stopped to sweep them up. The good news is that it looks like I might actually finish this class by the 28th (I hope). Well, I am going to keep this short because I am hitting the books again. Just needed a little mental gasp before I dive back into contiguous, linked, and indexed file allocations. "

That was BEFORE I decided to double check the deadline for this class, and low-and-behold, the deadline is actually the 22nd. I called my manager in a cold sweat, who told me to spend today on my class. Now if I can get my advisor to call me back to schedule the final - - tomorrow - - I might still make it through! Talk about an exercise in stress management! Back to the books.

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