Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Every once it a while you feel like you are really living life to the max. This weekend has certainly felt like that for me. Rather than backing down, I rode the wave of faith and stayed afloat!
I ran to a local bistro yesterday to feed my famished self and take a 15 minute break from my mad run at finishing my class in a day, and while sitting there I looked at the planter next to me and caught this great shot as the sun was going down. The amazing thing is that it described so well how I was feeling - surprisingly not worn out, not overworked, just Maximum.
After battling for proctor approval with my University yesterday, I got an e-mail today at 12:45 stating that yes, I could take my exam, which I had scheduled for 3:00 (just in case). I spent about an hour studying for the open-book exam and the rest of the time getting permission to use my electronic copy of the book (why use paper when you don't have to?). I finished the exam in half of the allotted time, ran to Chick-fil-A to load up on diet lemonade, and came home to - - - work out.
I had to! No excuses, 400 Watts. With only a few hours left in the day to submit my final assignment so I could finish this class on time, I needed clarity of mind, and so I exercised first, programmed last. It seemed to do the trick. I just submitted the program and can officially set aside my Operating Systems text for a little while and program like crazy for my other class.
On a more upbeat note, I get my sweetheart back tomorrow. He has been out of town visiting his amazing grandparents and enjoying the beauties of two-wheeled travel on his ZX-14. I have missed him, but was so glad he didn't have to experience my mental trek across the plains for the past five days. Babe, you couldn't have picked a better time to get in some touring! And don't worry, I picked you up a lemonade too, for your final exam study tomorrow! (And maybe a cookie, too.)

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  1. Babe, you never cease to amaze me with all the things you accomplish! You're amazing! But you're also right....I'm glad I wasn't here to see it happen:)


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