Thursday, September 10, 2009

Planet Fleshyitis?

I have been merrily running along almost every weeknight after work for 30-45 minutes at a reasonably good pace, but when you get to the point that you can't stand up in the morning, you think something might be wrong. My co-workers crossed their fingers that it was just a bone spur, but lucky me, I get plantar fasciitis. C has been kind enough to tape it for me the past couple of days which, combined with rest and prescription-strength anti-inflams, is helping. Helping as in, my foot doesn't hurt? Yes, as long as I don't walk on it. :) Apparently, this isn't a week-long fix, since C came home tonight with two big rolls of pro wrap and six rolls of athletic tape. On a positive note, I found a great blog called 400 Watts of Anti Wussy while searching for more information on PF - it was his PF entry that caught my attention - made me laugh, especially his lessons learned from Taken. Well, that covers my two entries for the past two months. Maybe I'll get another entry in before the end of the year. . .

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  1. Hey sorry to hear about your PF.

    For anyone reading this, here are my cliff notes. I got PF right before a marathon, took a week off and it was still around. The last run I did only got to a few miles before I could not walk anymore and had to get a ride home. Two months later I started training in Vibram FiveFingers and have done nearly 300 miles in the last six weeks.

    I suggest you check out the Runners World Barefoot Running forum at Many of the people who take up BF running were in the same boat as myself. Injured and sick of hearing the same old "need new/different shoes".

    Honestly I still get PF/heel pain once in a while, but only if I am standing for too long at work. It never gets bad anymore, and goes away within a mile on a run.

    People freak out when I say I had PF and now run nearly barefoot. I tell them it is the only way I can run, whenever I wear shoes for too long it starts to hurt again.

    While you are taking time off from running, read Born to Run.

    And any questions, of course just ask!


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