Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby, Baby

This past week I met a New Zealander who endured eight IVF cycles in pursuit of motherhood. She administered her own intramuscular shots because her husband traveled and was not available to assist her. After her faithful, but unsuccessful pursuit of motherhood for many years, she and her husband applied for adoption and received a call within one week from a birth mother who had selected them. Her beautiful blue-eyed daughter adored her. Her husband, who had been reluctant to adopt told her two weeks ago that he wouldn't give up any of their past struggles, because otherwise they wouldn't have their beautiful little daughter. She told me that she'd heard that the years of struggle would just vanish once she had a child. She said it was true.

Yesterday I was able to spend time with a mission companion from Japan. She lives in Tokyo, Japan. I asked her to contact a friend who lives in Kobe to see if he is safe. It was good to see her. She is here to listen to the prophet and 12 apostles today and tomorrow. You can listen too at It's just full of happy!

I had a dream last night. I don't remember all of the details, but there was a baby in it. No, we haven't broken our 11 year streak of un-babiness, but who knows what somedays may hold.

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