Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nixao post

Today I met a man who told me that he hopes Trump becomes president. "this country needs to be run by someone who can go in and fire everyone." I am sure he will rank right up there with Ross Perot. I also met a man who was an Ivars chowder rep. I gushed about how much I love it, and he gave me a $1.00 coupon in exchange.

I recently learned that e-tickets are awesome. No printing, no ticket, just your phone. Primo.

It was a good day today. Tomorrow will be even better.

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  1. $1 coupon?! Last time I was in Seattle I think $1 would get you a spoonful of Ivar's clam chowdar! Well, you just gotta be grateful:)
    Oh, and yes, the world does have someone who can "go in and fire everyone", his name is Gadafi! :(


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