Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye...

C was released with the bishopric today. Someone came up to me and said, "It's got to be hard to sit by yourself for all of these years." I told her no, not really. She insisted and so I let her be right. It will be good to have the opportunity to sit by him in church.

For the past couple of weeks C and I have been calling a certain individual "bishop" in the privacy of our own home and today, much to our delight, that individual was called as bishop. He is a very good man and will do a great job in this capacity. Two of our friends were called as counselors and they will also do a great job. I just want one of them to know that while he was staying late for meetings and processing tithing, C took a nice long nap! :)

I have an eventful week coming up, but I really can't talk about it in detail. You see, even though this is an incognito blog, I have known for over a year that one of my most valiant invisible followers is someone with whom I work. (No need to stop reading my blog, even if I know you read it, and feel free to leave a comment every now and again. :))

What this means is nothing. Full disclosure isn't my thing, even on work topics. As we all know, people get into a whole lot of trouble when full disclosure overrides logic and reason.

Suffice it to say that by the end of the week I will need to make a decision about work. My recent coaching sessions have been so helpful and powerful that it has helped me remember that external comments, good or bad, should not erode my definition of self. Competencies may be learned or forgotten, but we should never forget who we are at the core.

While C took his well earned nap today, I took Kawi and Penny for a drive. I know that sounds a little odd, but they get so excited to see the outdoors, even if it's behind glass. Penny squawks cheerfully and Kawi jabbers non-stop on sunny drives like today. "Kawi's such a bird. Hi, whatcha doin'? Hey buddy! Slurp, take a drink! Kawi's such a GOOD bird. Kawi's such a PRETTY bird..." and so on. My decision to never let him hear the words "dirty bird" has paid off. Penny will be another story since she is about 10x dirtier than Kawi.

Well, here's to an eventful week. Stay tuned for additional details.

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