Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leap of Faith

PhotobucketYesterday we left early in the morning to pick up a suit for C. His suits hang rather loosely on him these days. We wanted to beat the rush and run errands before general conference started. After picking up the suit, we hit the French Bakery, and then the bike store to pick up pedals for C's new bike. Later we hunted for a tailor to take in three of his other suits, but tailoring on Saturday isn't a popular pastime in these parts.

Conference started on the way home, and I ran in for a frozen yogurt on the way. When I came out, C said, "You missed it. They announced a new program where women are supposed to do all of the housework, and there will be a theme for what you cook each month. April is French food. In fact, the food you are supposed to cook this weekend is crepes."

"Crepes, hmm? You mean like strawberry crepes topped with whipped cream?" I asked, noting that we had a box of strawberries in the fridge.

"There are all kinds of crepes. dinner crepes, dessert crepes. All kinds." He said, nonchalantly.

True to form, I made crepes for dinner, even though C later admitted that he'd made it all up (really?). Chicken with diced onion and mushroom, and a low fat roasted garlic cream sauce with lite Jarlsberg Swiss went over very well with my meeting-bound man. I also refrigerated some between sheets of parchment paper for strawberry breakfast crepes.

Sunday morning we slept in (for the first time in many moons) and C chopped strawberries while I warmed the crepes and set the table for breakfast. Kawi and Penny also enjoyed some crepes, and Penny discovered that she likes whipped cream so much that she growled when C took it away. I later made a few loaves of whole wheat banana bread with four bruised bananas, my own recipe, and for dinner I made faces with egg eyes, hash brown hair, and turkey bacon smiles with a strawberry for the nose.

The remainder of the strawberries found their way into a fresh bowl of ganache along with some pizzelles, chilled in an egg-carton lined with plastic. We listened to amazing and inspiring conference talks throughout the day, and I napped between sessions. We later attended to some church business and then picked up the mail at the post office. It was a perfectly delightful day, and restful in so many ways.

I still haven't made my decision about what I am going to do with work. Perhaps I have been drowning my thoughts in foodie glories while avoiding this important decision. I have some very interesting opportunities, and more available should I pursue them. I may just need to take a leap of faith and do something difficult.

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