Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ahem. I have something important to say... via Text Message:

Chivalrous C has never left the toilet seats up in our house, but now he has started closing the lids as well. I am not sure if he is concerned about alligators climbing out of them, or two little curious birds trying to take baths in them...

The most important news should always arrive via Text Message, didn't ya know? 
Texts between C and his mom:

C: We are pregnant.
K: April fools? 
C: Nope, it's not April 1st.
K: Can you tell that I'm always guarded?
C: I don't blame you.  But this is fo real.  I put it on Jesus!:)
K: Well that's just about the best news since I was engaged to S!
C: Yea!  We are very happy. But A and I are only telling grandma and spouse.  We believe we are only a few weeks along and have an apt to check heart beat etc in a couple of weeks.  Once we are there we will let everyone know!:) Just don't want to jump the gun, ya know.  So please no calls, facebook, etc. for now. :)
K: Way to go JESUS! We've prayed a lot too. Must have been the Primary calling. Our entire presidency was preg at the same time. Pres had twins. 
C: Jesus is cool. Thx for the prayers. Now we pray for health!
K: You got it!  Just more prayers.  WOW!
C:  Crap, now I have to be responsible and stuff.
K: Ha ha ha! Bout time you have your own to worry about!
C:  Just happy to have someone to mow the lawn.  I'll start him/her early.  Years to make up!:) Prob need to put a booster on the mower.
K:  Give A a big hug for us and take good care of her.  Good timing for Mom's Day!
C:  Ok will do.  I'll keep you posted.  As soon as we know I'll let you know.  Thx.  Love you.
K:  You'll be the booster.
C: :)
K:  Love you too.  Good night.  FINALLY A GRANDKID IN [State where we live]!!!

  • 3 months shy of 12 years trying.
  • One big belly that will get MUCH bigger.
  • 2 little squirrely peaches in a basket with long skinny legs.
  • 2 very grateful parents who never gave up hope, and a whole bunch of other happy people to boot. 
  • 1 grandpa who wasn't allowed to tell anyone for the past month, so he shouted out of the car window on the freeway, "I'm gonna be a grandpa of TWINS!"


  1. Geeee WHIZ!!! I knew it had been a while since I visited, but this is the BEST NEWS I've had ALL WEEK. Congratulations. Congratulations. Wow. So exciting.

  2. Wow!

    This is Danielle (formerly of Diamonds on my Soles) ... I stopped blogging a while ago cos there was just too much life happening in my way, which is why I haven't been about ... anyhoo, came across an email today with a follow up comment on your blog, and I thought, "hmmm ... must go see how A is doing" !!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is fantastic news, and all the more appreciated after such a long wait! And to have TWINS!! Wow! It's just so amazing, and I couldn't be happier for you and your husband!

    All the best with the second half of your pregnancy, but from what I've seen browsing through your posts from here til present you're coping splendidly - exercising?!! You're Superwoman!! ha ha!

    All the best! Danielle X


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