Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today was my last day at work. I say last day, but it's more like last 24 hours at work, considering that I was up most of the night transferring files, and then came home AFTER my last day of work to put the finishing touches on the business plan, but tonight at 9 PM I sent off the business plan and was truly finished! Earlier when I left work I stopped to see my cuddle-buddy at his job. I think his laugh is the most wonderful thing in the world. I just keep falling in love with that guy and I can't get up!

Oh, the bliss. My little birdies took a nap with me when I came home before I dragged out my computer long enough to finish the BP. I was hoping to finish before C arrived home because I knew I would get scolded. "You are STILL working, and I HUGGED YOU?" Shame on me, but I feel done now, which is the most important part. I now have this time, precious time to be FREE! I must be careful with it, or else it will vanish in no time and I will be working once again.

I feel so happy, despite my obvious insomnia at the moment. I never thought I would get through all of that work. And that's all I am going to say about that.

What's next, you ask? To avoid becoming a work-a-holic at my next job is what. Balance, harmony, all of that kind of thing. So I bet you are wondering why I am awake at 2 AM? Dr. Pepper is what. I have this grand old headache, and can you believe that the Doc prescribed a caffeinated cola? True story. What was I thinking. The headache is better, however.

This weekend we visited my grandparents and great-grandparents graves. I know Memorial Day is just another holiday for some, but we really do try to use it as intended, even if many of our interred relatives are far away. I love visiting that cemetery because Western Tanagers swarm like bees in the huge pine trees overhead. It's like a little piece of eternity to see so many of these rare beauties in one place. Of course I have told C that should I die before him, I would send a yellow bird to let him know I was not too far away.

Tomorrow I think I will begin adding photos again, or at least in my next post. I just needed to mourn the loss of my photo space on blogger. I guess that's what happens when you have a photo food blog, a regular blog, and a photo fun blog all under one username. That space gets eaten up pretty quickly.

Can you believe it? I am taking a vacation and don't have any work assignments to think about! What glorious things could I awake in this imaginative mind of mine? I think of all of the books I could work on... decisions, decisions... Darn. Still not tired. I could:

A. Go lie in bed until C wakes up and tells me that I am thinking too loudly.
B. Play an hour long puzzle game on
C. Work on my church talk.
D. Write in my journal all of the top secret things that I can't say here.
E. File paperwork in my home office.

I guess cleaning the house right now is out of the question, lest I wake bird and beloved. "C" probably has the best shot at lulling me back to sleep, but hopefully I won't lull everyone else to sleep with my talk. Tomorrow the fun begins.

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