Friday, May 28, 2010

If I Happen to Get There Before You Do...

If by some chance I should win the race, and you should be left behind...
Should your heart be uncertain of where to look, feeling empty, and lonely, and blind...
Think on this treasure map my love, and follow your feet to this place.
Perhaps you shall find me again somewhere, in an old forgotten space.
It begins with a truffle. How odd, you must think! But if no truffle, a petit four with a wink.

Then somewhere beyond the Wisteria...
Where the weeping blue atlas' repine, under whose sage and solemn boughs...

Is hidden the well-tamed vine.
Hop-scotch around the checkerboard...

...where I'll steal a gazebo kiss...
Then 'round the stone wall where the non-pavers lie, and the footfall was placed amiss.
Wander along for each day is a stone, memories carefully placed, 'til our pathways were parted, though briefly so, leaving the heart malaise-laced.

The vine knows no bounds, and our lives are the same. They find new pathways to roam. When you are missing me don't forget this: Eternity is our TRUE home.
Down secret tunnels well garnished in vines, to remind you of twilight in May.

Up and over the bridge, pause to hear, "Kiss me on the veranda today!"
As you stroll past the large sleeping giants of green, the birds just might drop you a wire,
That reads, "After tunneling deep through the dark, you'll emerge again from the mire."
Then under the bridge that isn't, a camera kiss may befall,

And through the archway,
Beyond the bridge,
Where forest pathways may call.
Close by the bridge, there perhaps you you will find
A forget-me-not-message with just you in mind.
Across the bridge, this is where I will stand
Then guide you inside with your heart in my hand. You may not have seen me, but you'll know I am there, as we sit hand-in-hand, side-by-side in these chairs
There I'll sing you a love song, whether mic's there or no,
Then we'll laugh 'til we cry while we take in the show.
You may feel my touch with the kiss of the breeze, and hear my voice whisper soft through the trees.
You may not want to leave, you may wish you could stay, but remember, my love, that I'm not far away.
Listen closely my love, I've a bit more to share. It's not just one place where you'll find me there. Perhaps a gazebo, perhaps a lighthouse, perhaps in a temple, or our very own house.
Should your heart ever wonder if I'm really there, know that heaven's so close that you're already here. And now and again I promise to send a bright yellow message on the wings of a friend.
Lastly I promise, affirm and declare, when you reach THIS finish line, you WILL see me there.
(But, if you still really miss me, I happen to know that the goats and llamas will help out with a kiss! :D)

1 comment:

  1. Awe...thanks Babe for the poem! You make my heart do back flips!

    p.s. you kiss way better than that goat:)


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