Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wochenende Linnuke

1. Help Coco find an AMAZING new home: LINNUKE! (Mental Note: I think he will heretofore be know as Crash, although he will be doted on like a king.)

2. Put the rest of my plants in the ground: LINNUKE! (Mental Note: Purchase tomatoes the week AFTER Mother's Day so they don't stain the bottom of my tub waiting around for two weeks)

3. Buy six bottles of Bistro Blends in Vegas via C's motorcycle trip: LINNUKE! (Thank you, C, for being such a good hubby!)

4. Get hair done: LINNUKE! (Is the true definition of pampering, 'two men simultaneously drying your hair with huge round brushes while you all chat over pleasantries like technology'? I think YES. Sorry no pic. Does C cringe every time he sees the price tag on that experience? MOST DEFINITELY.)

5. Have our wedding video transferred to digital files (not just a DVD, but full-on high res .avi files): LINNUKE! (Teach said transferrer about new optical disc technologies that don't contain organic dyes that deteriorate over time - linnuke.)

6. Write a blog entry using the Estonian word for checkmark: LINNUKE!

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