Sunday, May 16, 2010

WHERE is Your Sense of ADVENTURE?!!!

Welcome to my ADVENTURE QUIZZZZZZ! This is a test. This is only a test. This is a test of the emergency adventure center.

All scores will be based upon complete and honest answers of the following adventure metered questions. Scoring will be included in the subsequent post after you help me finish the last question of the quiz.

1. Are you the type of person who hides EASTER EGGS in your blog?

2. Are you the type of person who hides objects in the backs of photos or journals for your posterity to find?

3. Have you ever written a letter or journal entry in another language?

4. Have you ever made up your own language (perhaps the one you wrote the letter or journal entry in?)

5. Have you ever written a suspense thriller story or novel, or movie, and felt excited about figuring out how it will end?

6. When you have children in your home (whether they belong to you or not), do you ever hold treasure hunts, or play/create seek and find types of games with/for them? Or, have you ever hidden something and created a treasure map so that YOU could find it? ARRRRR, me matees!

7. Are you the type of person who has a magical element about you so that children could believe that there is a piece of hidden magic somewhere in your world (Lion, Witch and Wardrobe portal, for example)?

8. When I hear the word PAINT, the first thing that comes to mind is...
A. a canvas and a palette, sitting somewhere lovely and painting a masterpiece!
B. my fence (or bathroom, hallway, etc.). It really needs some paint...
C. a big mess. I don't even want to hear the word, especially when kids are around.

9. When I think of traveling to another country, the first thing that comes to mind is...
A. adventure! New food, new faces, new experiences, new places!
B. visiting those sites I see on the Discovery or History channel and am dying to see.
C. going on tours with large groups of people or traveling on a cruise ship
D. getting shots, waiting around in airports, expenses, and glad to be home again.

10. ***READER PARTICIPATION REQUIRED*** You write this question! No, really! Just write it right

You don't even have to tell me who you are!


  1. Took me a while to come up with a question for the last part, and I finally did. Here are my answers...
    1. Um, no. I don't really know how to. :)
    2. Not unless you are counting purposely putting a $20 bill in a pair of shorts at the end of the summer so that it can be found next year on a day when you will most likely ned a trip out for ice cream.
    3. Yes!
    4. Yes! I didn't get too far, though. It was a lot of work.
    5. Nope. Not enough patience to write a story.
    6. Yes! Both as a nanny many years ago and as a mom (more recently).
    7. I'd like to think so, but I suppose there's really no way of knowing seeing as I haven't asked.
    8. B, for sure. I'm a bit color-obsessed.
    9. Can I combine A and B to create my answer?
    10. Question: As a child, did you ever pack a bag and try to run away from home not because you were upset about something but because you thought it sounded like fun? (My answer would be yes. And I didn't get very far.)

  2. Well, Easter Eggs are little hints about yourself. Secret information. On the Lost DVDs, if you push the buttons in an unusual way, you can see hidden clips and videos that you can't find in the regular menu. It's a crazy little fun thing that you accidentally stumble upon - interviews, deleted scenes, etc.. I LOVE your last question, and yes, I must say I did pack little bags often, with strange things like powdered hot cocoa, a candle, some nails, some wax, and marshmallows. Great #10! Oh, and on #9, I vote yes, you may, considering I am a non-conformist myself! :D

  3. Oh, and on #1, it's really about purposely leaving a loose end here and there. A little mystery to solve about you...


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