Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Holiday To-Do List

1. Spend 1 hour playing a strategic game (because I LOVE solving problems)
2. Exercise to my heart's desire
3. Turn in 1 (hopefully 2) homework assignments
4. Spend 20 minutes making my kitchen clean again
5. Go to a play and dinner with some friends
6. Teach a lesson on barren women in the scriptures (should be fun, if not awkward, considering I am the ONLY person who falls into this category in my church congregation - not so much awkward for me, but everyone else because they have more of a problem with it than me, I guess... you get the picture)
7. Shamelessly eat as much Indian food as I want because I skipped lunch (oh, wait - I did that yesterday with a friend...Linnuke!)
8. Enjoy a day at the moto races with my one and only
9. Bask in a sunshine-filled hammock with Kawi bird
10. Find something exciting to whip together in my kitchen

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