Thursday, May 20, 2010

Without Saying Too Much...

Excitement galore today!
I wish I could just spill the beans and tell you every single detail of it. Let me be a little hypothetical instead.

What if... had someone offer you an AMAZING opportunity over a month ago (as this develops into more than a possibility, I WILL share more), and you figured they just forgot all about you...

BUT THEN!!! Today you found the e-mail you'd waited for had wandered into your bulk e-mail account by chance and it has been sitting there for TEN DAYS!!!

You grieve, you writhe, you ache, you mourn, and then you call, hoping that somehow it isn't too late after all! You send them the information they need, and then you wait...

...And while you wait, you check your e-mail 100 times waiting for a response, and after your sweet prince takes you out for sushi to discuss the exciting, but very secretive events of the day, he holds your hand and guides you up on a big rock where you stand while he hugs you at the waist, holding you as if those people walking by didn't really exist, and as if the entire world had stopped spinning just to pause and take note of this happy little moment...

...this life pours you a sweet cup of nectar tipped with blissful blessings, and you drink it in as if it were the most wonderful day of all. A tiny spark of simple hope lights its fire in your heart of hearts and warms the place that so recently festered with despair's sting, until a syrup of joy trickles and dances through your veins.

You return home to find that the bulk mailbox once again played your emotions like a lyre and out emerges the answer you so wistfully watched for all day. There the spark of hope flickered into a possibility, and there it sat, like a last magical unopened present at Christmastime that somehow fell unnoticed until long after the early morning thrill, a final unopened answer, an unseen dream, an unfulfilled wish.

But welcome, new follower! You've already captured my affections with your magical, curious world! Thank you for introducing yourself in such a delightful way!

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