Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Boutiquing!

Title: A little word-play on I guess that verb thing is optional when it comes to translations. Join me...Let's Boutiquing Together!Pity that you can't see the antique wheel barrow for the lovely display, but off we go! First for the vague and bizarre:

Now, suppose this lovely tapestry could be made on...
Sleeping Beauty's Spinning Wheel!
This is an acid jar. Someone probably has one sitting around filled with coins, and here it sits, worth hundreds of dollars without a single coin inside!
It seems only obvious that a box of varnish would BE VARNISHED.
Unfortunately, this whatchamadingy was not so lucky. While it is a fascinating piece, the question I am yearning to know is...
...What was in HERE?
This message brought to you by Tiffany's:
Don't we all need more drawers?

Or at least more time.
This bench reminds me of the old deacon's bench I sat on as a child by the moonlit window and dreamed of magical things (only its missing the big toy chest underneath.)
My sister still has an old iron bedstead like this one.
Why someone would pay $140 for a shirt that looks like some dragged-through-the-mud wardrobe item from Andersonville, I will never know.
The baby blue feather boa wreath makes much more sense...
...even though I feel feathers are much more useful in hot pink. You would feel so sexy doing housework with this duster!
And speaking of housework, how fun to see these old memory joggers:
If it's all the same to you, though, I really liked the new stuff on the shelf, too.

In case those lovely dishes make you hungry, there are some treats on hand, even if those treats are $3.00 a piece.
You'd be so proud, I resisted even the raspberry white chocolate ones:
Balls. They were everywhere. These made me think it was time to play a game - er bingo?
Not quite sure if this ball/spring would bounce or not. So confusing. Cannot comprehend.
Nope. Definitely not bouncing, this one.
Balls on a chair...ummm...not what I would call inviting...
While I will leave the balls to the dogs, I thought the driftwood bowls, er, baskets? were rather interesting...
Here comes the fun stuff. There were lots and lots of purses...

And Bling!
And if wearing bling doesn't cover it for you, there was plenty of bling for your house to wear!
Bling candles,
Bling lamps,
Bling chandeliers,
Bling anything and everything!
Even a bling crib!!!

Not sure what to do with that lonely old orphan shoes? Bling 'em!
I kind of fell in love with this frilly robe though, I confess.
There was plenty of white linen and cotton that made me think of sun-basked days of yore.

If white linen doesn't do it for you, I am sure this collection of frills for little girly girls will...

Speaking of kids, I think this is my old lunchbox:
There were plenty of items for the young pups, including old-LOOKING toys,

And then there were some toys that really WERE old! Who knew that Billy's old truck would be work $600 some day?

Jacks anyone? I know where we can get some balls, but they don't bounce.
If I was given this as a child, there is a good chance I would have become a coulrophobic.
There were a few items that make me appreciate the evolution of household tools. I am grateful for small, pre-packaged bags of rice and beans so I don't need to dive into a barrel or burlap sack with one of these:
The ironing board is hard enough to set up without it weighing fifty lbs...We had a butter press when I was growing up, but somehow, we used baby food jars when making our own butter. I just didn't understand why we didn't use the wooden churn...
Well, not EVERYTHING was old or old looking. There were some lovely soaps...

A candle cake for people like me who don't like real cake, although real cake beats this $72.00 pricetag:And finally, if you don't like candles either, you will definitely enjoy this diaper cake. Chocolate not included.
Thanks for joining me on this little Boutique trip! See you next week!

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  1. I love antique shops full of lots of pretty (and not so pretty) random crap. I could waste *hours* in them if my husband allowed me!! :)

    Btw ... kudos on the patience required to upload so many photos in one go!!


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