Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Persiflage on Cake

In the world of confectionery genius, a plenitude of sweet species roam the planet, and have for many a century. Take for example flummery, that delightful custard-like substance whose name (almost in extinction today) simply exudes a need to try such a delightful concoction.

And then there is gelato, delicate and smooth, perfection without a hoard of blistering ice crystals interfering with a perfectly smooth, and aerially chilled dessert.

The French had it right when they created layered dessert delights in small, dainty proportions, called "petit fours" (translation, small oven and photos by moi).
Crème brûlée has survived popularity a bit better than flummery, and continues to be a consistent menu item in fine restaurants throughout the United States.

Dunbrody House

So what I am yearning to understand is this: What is it about CAKE that has made it the centerpiece of every life-celebration, including anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, graduation parties, and a countless other number of celebratory events?

Out of a delightful myriad of choices that I personally deem much more worthy of celebratory status, somehow unctuously robed, quotidian cake, won? How could this be?

Perhaps it was never placed in competition next to a chocolate mousse bar, by far the dessert with more mettle than a flour-egg-and-sugar shell of a dessert.
Or how about a peanut butter cup brownie? It is dense and substantial, with plenty of "meat" to fill those cake-loving bellies.
And yet there it stands, in all of its tallowy glory, perhaps the only candidate who was allowed to join the race for sovereign of commemoration, innocently bewitching the ignorant generations to come to believe that this is simply the way things are done.
So hide your cheery faces in shame, fruit tarts...... and surrender this forfeit battle, Napoleon. Your delicate sister Mille Feuille should have prevailed with nonpareil sway, and yet there she stands, outcast of the candle and the crumb.
Join the un-cake revolution and try something new. You may have your cake, but I shan't eat it, too.

On a healthier note, did I mention that I am still losing weight? While I may blog about yummy food, I also only eat treats once in a blue moon, so please eat this entry with a bowl of steamed broccoli. :D

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Beautifully written with a great tone of irony and fantastic word choice!

    Thanks for starting my day with dessert!


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