Friday, June 10, 2011

Mormon Sexting

I am going to admit it. I am kind of annoyed with Facebook. I only signed up for work networking purposes, but it is like the camel who started with his nose in the tent and gradually creeps in tip-to-tail. During my time off I have been vacationing from Facebook, mainly because I don't really find it something I want to do when I have time off.

A few days ago, I received a text message from C. The conversation went something like this:

Day 1, Mormon Sexting:
C: Sexting...
A: ?
C: I'm just sexting you. I hear it's all the rage. Enjoy! Sexting...
A: Right. I have an inkling, my lord, that you are supposed to do something more than text the word "Sexting," but I'll let you know when I figure it out.
C: ;)
A: Bean n cheese burrito with green sauce @ Del Taco hit the spot!!!
C: Nice! You make me hungry.
A: I can do better than that. $.99 baby! Soft, fresh tortillas, smooth beans, perfect texture with sweet melted cheese... A hint of spice from the green sauce...
C: You should work for Del Taco!

Day 2, Mormon Sexting:
A: Took the big lasagne to the Williams.
C: :-o
A: Just when you think you have a big lasagne, your wife up and gives it away!!!

Day 3, Mormon Sexting:
A: Missing my hot sexy man already. Can't wait to spend time with you! [X-men tonight, baby!]
C: You're so cute!
A: awe, shucks! Blush.
C: This is called, Mormon sexting! Cutie pie!
A: Costco has fresh copper river salmon!!! And cherries, so I am a happy girl!
C: Yes! Fish is good, hot stuff (more sexting). Only a few more hours until movie time my peaches and cream! (Sexting)
A: Can't wait for all of that action, baby! [X-men] See you in two hrs or less! Salmon and melon balls will be waiting, my hard working man! (sexting)

If you still don't get it, go find a Mormon and talk to them for a while. It won't take long to figure it out. Oh, and in case you were wondering, X-Men was very well done. The development of the characters and plot was very well executed with depth, and holy cow, did Kevin Bacon (?!) do a great job! While X-Men movies are never without their share of violence, the only blood I think you see is at the very end. They hit all of the "loose ends" like how Xavier winds up in a wheel chair, and how Mystique winds up with such loyalty to Magneto.

Do I totally sound like an X-Men nerd? Yeah, I guess I am. There are very few fictional genres out there that inject depth into their characters. Examples of shallow characters? Twilight and Harry Potter immediately come to mind. They do sort of a glossed-over shallow dip into their character's past that gives the illusion of depth, but if you try to search for a multifaceted dynamic within those individuals that allows you to look deep into their hearts and minds, you simply won't find it.

Perhaps it is the fact that rather than allegorical writing, X-Men utilizes historical events like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Holocaust and weaves the characters into these events to develop a sense of grounding despite the obvious disparity between reality and fiction. Tolkien did the same thing, only he wrote the entirety of the historical setting on his own over the span of many years. It allowed the characters to reach deep into the past and allowed Tolkien to journey for many years in his imaginary world while captivating readers young and old through story and song.

And thus ends my passionate discourse on well-written fiction. Adieu.

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