Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicken Run

Last night we ran to Walmart to purchase an SD card for my camera. I was just finalizing the sale in the electronics section located at the back corner of the store, when a voice came over the intercom,

"Right now in the deli we are offering roasted chickens for HALF-OFF! You'd better hurry, because there are only ELEVEN left!"

C blasted out of the electronics department like a bullet out of a gun, running as if his life depended on it. The  clerk looked up with a perplexed face. "I guess he REALLY wanted some chicken!!!"

I, knowing him a little better than that, just started laughing. C is more than happy to be the crazy man running through Walmart to fight for a roasted chicken just for a few laughs.


  1. Had I been there, it would have been a serious foot race. I love rotisserie chicken.

  2. I won't lie and say we left without a lemon chicken, nor will I fib and say we didn't dive into it the moment we arrived home... I always get the wings and C always gets the legs. The rest is community.


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