Monday, September 20, 2010

A Few Words for the Birds

If you happen to be among those who have noticed my absence, my condolences for having survived my temporary posting famine. Since we last chatted, followed by some froth over DC, I believe it was? much has taken place. C completed his final classes and has a paper left to write. He also received his first appointed position. By appointed, this means that he did not apply for the job. Someone chose him as the best man for the job, and I am inclined to agree. We have made a few interesting purchases lately, but one must wonder if discussing purchases may be perceived as vain or bragging. Let it suffice to say that this technology junkie is currently not fiending for any specific item.

We received a new member of the family. It happened something like this:

I drove to the farthest reaches of the universe to find an electronics store that had a very specific item in stock, and as I drove through the parking lot I heard a tiny voice calling me from an enormous pet Walmart. Of course, we both know that pet Walmarts are readily stocked with only four types of critters: fish, reptiles, rodents, and birds. I saw her sitting against the back of the glass window, a few of the bars unprotected by plexiglass. I immediately knew that a forest of tiny fingers had been her daily scenery, while bigger hands tapped and palmed the glass, driving her into a world of unrequited hermitude. Her only Conure-counterpart was so aggressive and loud that he didn't stand a chance, but this tiny one...

"We haven't really been able to get her out of the cage." She said while thrashing and struggling for several minutes, and finally prying her feet off of the bars. The moment she landed in the palm of my hand I knew we had an understanding, and she was the sweetest thing in the world. By the time I walked into the electronics store she had cuddled up under my pony tail and didn't move a muscle. She cooed pleasantly, quite content with her people-catch. All the way home she cooed and cuddled. You don't know what it's like to have an angel on your shoulder until you experience a sweet little bird rubbing its face up and down along your cheek, adoring you. I only hope she stays this way, because she is ten times messier than Kawi, grumpy as he might be.

In other news, I finished a class, and am currently only enrolled in ONE CLASS!!! This is miraculous. My year of madness has taken its toll on me. I am grateful for all I am learning, but I decided that it's about time for a break from school. It has been a heavy year. If it were one of those reading and writing and analyzing classes, I could absolutely soar through a degree like that, but programming is another creature entirely.

The smallest action in programming has so many details, and yet there is something beautiful about it. It reminds me of some magnificent craftsmanship. I look at a fine watch, and the craftsmanship and detail involved in creating that item, and then look at a beautiful line of code in the same way. I think, wow! How did they fit so many actions into that tiny line of text? I am in awe at well-executed code. It is the difference between a finger painting and a Monet, but then, I feel the same way when I see a user-interface that is pristine and elicits no cognitive friction from its users (translation: I love to see software that doesn't make people feel dumb and is easy to use!)

Well, there is much more to share, but let it suffice to say that with four hours of sleep last night, I will sleep undisturbed tonight. Photos and videos will have to wait, since my eyelids won't hold up much longer, but check back for the cute video of Penelope massaging her own head with her foot.


  1. Welcome back lovely. Congrats to Hubby, score on the birdie and enjoy your break.

  2. I'm just getting back into the swing of reading my blogs so you have perfect timing! Can't wait to see Penelope she sounds adorable.

  3. It looks like you will be well occupied this winter! Congratulations on your new sweetie...I look forward to seeing and learning more about her!


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