Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whiner Moment

You know my phrase, God Loves Everybody but the Whiners, but today I take exception. First let me say that I had a banner day at work of checking things off of my Conference To-do list, and offloading a whole lot of work onto others because delegation is the formula for sanity. That's why women get to have children, and just like children, it's always easier to do the job yourself at work, but then you have a melt-down and wonder why you are burnt-out all of the time. Delegation, it's the only way to fly.

C is gearing up for his annual moto trip. How cute is it that he visits his grandparents every year? He even gets to ride moto with his mom! True story! She's a very active and wonderful lady.

Back to the whining, where was I? Tonight we had a lovely little dinner at our favorite little grill. Good food, not greasy, just yummy is all. We then watched Inception which was a really interesting movie. I liked the layered mental engagement, but as we left C said, "Anyone with suicidal tendencies should NOT watch that movie."

You know how after the ads and just before the movie starts there is a defined pause and everything is silent? Well, C is famous for taking the mic on those occasions, and it's always awesome. His timing is impeccable. Once after a Harry Potter preview, he groaned out load and said, "They made ANOTHER one?" That got some pretty good laughs. Well today, after the Facebook movie preview, he paused just long enough and then said loud enough for everyone to hear, "What's Facebook?" I think almost everyone started laughing.

The movie started and I kicked my bare foot up on C's lap. "Rub this foot, please." It was SO SORE! He is such a good hubby that after giving me a funny look, he really did! No really, this is the whiner moment. Every joint in my body hurts, from toe to neck (since we don't have joints in our heads). My elbows and wrists and feet and toes and finger joints and shoulders and did I mention feet? and hips, and EVERYTHING! ARGH! I don't know if it's due to my funky night chills sickness or not, but enough already. I am on a Rx strength anti-inflammatory, so I don't want to think about what it would feel like if I wasn't.

And there it is. Thanks for playing.

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  1. Love that "What's Facebook?" comment. I would have laughed. And sorry you are sore. That is never fun. What a nice man to rub your foot for you.


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