Saturday, September 25, 2010

Incandescent vs. Fluorescent

Something strange happened this evening. I popped the Dark Crystal into the DVD player and suddenly I found myself motivated to do strange things. You know the kind of things I am talking about, like tidying a junk drawer, or putting your shirts in color-coded order, or spraying all of the baseboards and windows to pronounce all co-habitating creepies and crawlies DOA as they move in for the winter.

{TANGENT: But did you know??? I just found out because I was hunting for a link to Dark Crystal, and there it was! The information that thrilled me! The Jim Henson Company has announced even more magic: a sequel to be released 2011! END TANGENT}

At any rate, as I listened to Skeksis battling it out for the throne, I noticed that two of our Reveal bulbs had burned out in the ceiling fan. You may be aware that Congress has passed a bill that will phase out incandescents starting in 2012 in favor of more efficient lighting solutions. A few months ago while looking for ways to spend money at Costco, I discovered a great deal on Fluorescent bulbs that were supposed to be the equivalent of Reveal bulbs, and thought I might as well give this change a shot earlier than later. 

Last week C asked me where he could find a light bulb. This was our first fluorescent in the house. He was attempting to install it in the above light fixture. The only problem is that fluorescents are too long for some of these bowl-fixtures. 

Today when I installed two fluorescents with incandescents, I discovered yet another dilemma. I will let you see if you can guess what the problem here is. Case study, CSI, detective-like: 

The other problem I discovered was this: we will lose any aesthetics with our light fixtures. Just tell me how pretty this will look with a fluorescent twisty bulb inside:

Aaand that's all folks! Unless of course you want to see how I barricaded my door with canned food for the Boy Scout food drive. What a great time of year for the drive! I can go through and calculate what food we need to rotate before early next year! Is that selfish? I think it's just practical.

And finally, Penelope's picture of the week:
No, really, she climbed up like that! Have a great Saturday! And C, your toothbrush MISSES YOU!!!

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