Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Days are Numbered

I sit in the hammock, listening to Kawi whistle Addams Family whilst admiring his image in my shiny computer lid.

Eight strands on the hammock have broken. The Lazuli Buntings used to swing on the frayed ends for entertainment, but now they just sway in the wind, framed by the gaping hole they left behind. If I had a wooden leg, this would be rather convenient so that I could stick my leg straight out in the middle of the hammock. Sometimes I can get my pillow to span the space if I sit with my head on that end.

I attempt to spend time every day in the hammock so Kawi can feel like a real little bird in the open air. The cold days are coming where he will watch the winter birds from the window and wonder why we can't join them. The worst part is when I walk down the stairs toward my office and he ruffles his tail in excitement because he thinks we are heading out the back door. It's the one place he seems completely at peace, and so we'll lick the plate to gather the last few morsels of these tepid days.
This weekend I spent hours trying to get a program to run. It is frustrating not having someone to ask a simple question when I am unsure what the problem is. My professor took three days to respond to my question, and today I finally learned what went wrong: This line:
temp = buildList;

should have looked like this:
temp = buildList();

That was all. A simple mistake, and hours of anxiety and feeling like I must be a terrible programmer, all for an empty parameter indicator. Argh. I don't feel like a crappy programmer anymore. I felt like someone who wrote a great program; so great that the one tiny error hid itself so well that I overlooked it again and again. The error it kicked out was that the pointer was wrong, so I went through every pointer with a fine toothed comb. I read pointers and watched tutorials to see if I missed anything, but couldn't find anything wrong or different...only to find out that it wasn't a pointer problem at all.

I know none of that makes sense, but I have enlisted my friend Bynki to help:

No? At least entertaining?

Enjoy the last scraps of your warm days, wherever you may be.

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