Saturday, October 16, 2010


The moment I woke up on Thursday, I knew I would survive this week; until I went to bed on Wednesday night I wasn't so sure. Some weeks are challenging, and some weeks are downright hard, but this week was a dragon. I limped through a long heavy list of to-do items, managed the loads of stress that have been building up since July, and picked one item a day to make home livable.

Sometimes the body holds onto stress until it knows that it is finally safe to let it go, and it all seemed to surface at once. Somehow, with the opening of certain wounds, there seemed to be a plenitude of salt-rubbing going around. I made it through because I had one thing to look forward to: my littles.

My littles speak like angels. I could listen to them all day. We have conversations like this about the most interesting things:

Little #1: There is a restaurant and it has been there since 1950s. Er, I can't remember if it's 1950s or 1590s.

Me: Well, probably 1950s since Indians were the only ones living around here in the 1590s.

Little #1: Yeah, the 1950s. That had to be before electricity was created!

Me: Actually, color TV came out in the 1950s. Your Nana (grandma) had the first color television in her neighborhood! When TVs first came out, they only had a few shows on, so you would turn on the TV and there was just fuzz the rest of the time.

Little #1: So which came first, color TV or more TV shows? 

Little #1: Do you have a video game console?

Me: A wha? Oh, no. I don't. I do have a video camera. Do you know what you can do with a video camera?

Little #2: Make videos!!! Yeah!!!

Little #1: And maybe we can borrow it so I can make LOTS of movies!

{Me, contemplating 'lending' a $1500.00 HD camera to a nine year old and a seven year old, and then remembering I had seen some cheap video cameras at the store recently}

Me: It sounds like that's something you might like for your birthday.

Little #1: When is YOUR birthday?

Me: In a few weeks.

Little #1: Am I invited? Am I? Am I? Maybe I will have to get you a video game console for your birthday! Or maybe a DS, so you can take it with you!

I love seeing Little #2 go down a silly slide and jump and giggle. I love watching them both squeal in delight as turkeys hastily snatch up the corn that they toss it through the fence and as goats lick the palms of their little hands. Each laugh is like a soothing balm to my heart, and each golden word is a delight to my ears. They are so good for my soul.

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