Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Have To Take Off My Pants....

...for foot surgery?

I visited the doctor recently about a painful ganglion growth in the joint of my foot. He did an ultrasound on it and found that it was larger than I thought. After several months of Rx anti-inflammatories, I determined that running and walking weren't getting any easier and I needed to have the growth removed. The doc also took an ultrasound look at my plantar fasciitis and found that it is still inflamed. He recommended some exercises that would strengthen my feet. He mentioned that regular running shoes are like casts for our feet and serve to weaken them, causing injuries like PF.

I told him that I run in Vibrams, which he seemed very pleased with, however, he recommended that I needed to build up the muscles in my feet to help me become a better runner and reduce the PF flare-ups. He gave me an article written by a couple of podiatrists who studied African runners' feet. Top running coaches (like Ivy league coaches) also focus on feet strengthening exercises since regular running and walking shoes significantly weaken the foot muscles.

Today I went for surgery. We'd planned on a later time so that C could make it, however, yesterday I received a call that it was earlier than I had planned. C felt really bad, and I confess I didn't handle the idea of surgery without my bestest buddy too well, but we ultimately made the most of it. My cute dad stepped in to stay at the hospital and C would take over once I came home. It worked out great.

Things that I said today:

"I have to take my pants off for foot surgery?"

"Can I get a robe that doesn't have a hole in the chest area?"

"Please don't cut any nerves in my foot."

"I am kind of ticked because I told you to use my left arm and you ignored me [resulting in a gusher all over the bed. My left arm has huge veins that even the worst phlebotomists can't miss]."

First words out of surgery, "When can I start running?"


To nurse Larry, "This is the best dad in the world. Just thought you should know that."

Things I heard today:

"You can wear these shorts if you want to. Wait, are these smalls? They are HUGE!"


"Oh, it's not a tear, but I guess we can tape that shut for you."

Anesthesia student, "This is the stuff that's going to make you feel HAPPY. When you wake up, you'll feel pretty great."

"The ganglion was the size of a nickle round, and two nickles stacked in thickness. It was pressing down on the nerve in your foot. You should feel much better once it mends. [Positioned inside of the joint of my big toe, right where your foot bends every time you take a step.]"
"It'll be easier to maintain the pain than to catch up. Take these as soon as possible."

"You won't remember any of this conversation. [I can recall it word for word.]"

This morning before surgery I had a list of things I wanted to get done. I needed to meet with our Website chair. I wanted to clean the shower, scrub the toilets, finish some laundry, and vacuum the living room. I also wanted to buy a shadow box for C's new marathon metal and return some items to Best Buy. I was up until midnight the night before sweeping, dusting, and doing dishes since I would be down for four days. Surprisingly, I pulled it all off before my dad arrived at 10:30 AM. It's amazing what you can accomplish in a couple of hours.

C met me after the surgery with some Chic-fil-A soup, and made me super comfy, bought me whatever I wanted, made dinner that night, and later bought me a care package including a card that said, "As you're recovering, Just Relax - put your feet up... Have people bring you things... You know...

Thanks to Dad, C, and all of the nice people who made my experience a great one today, even with all of my crazy comments!


Disclaimer: This entry written while on drugs.


  1. I have a ganglion in my wrist. It hurts a lot! I can't even imagine that pain in my foot when I'm walking, never mind running!! Hope you recover soon! Sounds like C's "a keeper"!! :o)

  2. So, I ask as well: When can we start running?

  3. Diamonds - yes, hand ganglions or "Gideon cysts" are more common. The old cure is whacking it with a Gideon bible, but probably not the best option. I think this one developed from a piece of torn ligament. BTW, you really should consider that marathon that you mentioned some time ago. I think people think you have to sprint for 26 miles, but it's even a great achievement if you can build up the stamina to shuffle for that long! Anyway, just want you to know I believe you can do it if you want to! Check out online training schedules from Hal Higdon and Runner's World - they are designed for anyone from a newby to a skilled runner.

    Hatch - as soon as I can keep up with you! :)


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