Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top 10 Things We Never Said Before Penelope Arrived...

10. Thanks, Penny, I think my hair is now fluffy enough.

9. Watch your toes. She'll even come after them with socks on!

8. You need to spend more time with Kawi. He's getting jealous.

7. Watch her. She'll eat anything she sees.

6. How is it possible for such a little critter to spread food in a five-foot radius of wherever the dish is located?

5. Looks like sweeping is now going to be a daily occurrence.

4. No, Penny, you can't take a bath in the dirty dishwater.

3. Sounds like sleeping in isn't an option anymore on a Saturday mornings.

2. No, you can't take a bath in my glass of water...

1. Stop eating your poop!

Thank goodness she is so much fun...


  1. Hello! It looks like your affections have been greatly expanded in more ways than one with this new addition to your family. It also appears that Penelope will keep any boredom (not that I see ANY of that in your life anyway) from ever entering your home! much love, Rose

  2. Thanks, Rose! Yes, she certainly keeps things lively, but how cute that she always wants to cuddle up under your chin at night and make her cute little piggy noises! She may not be as elegant as Kawi, but she definitely makes up for it in style.


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