Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foley and Luck

When we watch action films, which we often do, I am always amazed when C points out when a gun didn't make the right noise, or when that car or motorcycle sounded nothing like it should. Granted, he has been around weapons and motorcycles since his pre-teen years, but impressive nonetheless. His Foley skills aren't just limited to weapons and motorcycles, though. He is also extremely talented at identifying voices, even in animated films. His precision is so good that I think he must be aurally gifted or something.

Perhaps he missed his true calling as a Foley artist, or perhaps a technical and weaponry advisor. After 12 years of watching movies together, even I notice when the bad guy asks for a 'clip' when his weapon only takes magazines, or when a soldier refers to his weapon as a 'gun.' He was not only in charge of tending to the family "armory," but often visited his father's military friends who always had weapons within reach anywhere in the house (under the sofa cushions?). I suppose it's no surprise that when he started grad school while working full-time, C decided to pick up a part-time job at a local gun range to "help him relax." There he was able to shoot almost every weapon that came into the store, from historic pieces to elephant guns. A state champion, he was also well known throughout the state for designing and running innovative IDPA-style defense pistol competitive shoots.

I am always amazed at how well C networks as well, considering that his favorite evening off is chilling at home with me. One day I went to the local police station to pay for a speeding ticket, and ran into a friend of C's who is a prosecuting attorney. He waited until the officer got off of the elevator, and then asked me if he could get me out of my ticket as a favor to C. I thanked him, but kindly declined. It was a matter of principle, and while I have fought and won speeding tickets before, I chose to take responsibility for that one.

C doesn't look for friends who are flashy or rich, or who even have the same interests as him. He's comfortable around almost anyone, and one of the least judgmental people I know. In most marriages, there are moments where one partner calls the other partner out on some behavior that has driven them nuts for years, but C has never done that with me. He doesn't yell. I have listened to him speaking to others when he thought he raised his voice, but he has the most soothing, calm voice in the world, that even in anger it doesn't sound harsh at all.

Over the years, I have been the one who picked a handful of cards for family special events and brought them home for C to sign and send off. In fact, I would occasionally use my fave flower delivery service to send off a bouquet or two. The past few years C has completely shown me up. He buys his own Mother's Day and Father's Day cards early on and makes sure he calls his parents and grandparents early so that he won't forget.

Each year C plans an annual trip to visit his grandparents. He packs up his motorcycle and drives the long distance to spend time with them. He adores and respects his mom more than anyone I know. She is likewise non-judgmental and easy-going.

A few years ago I taught C how to make cookies. He now makes cookies often and takes them to the neighbors or to the children across the street when they have birthdays. Despite his love for cookies, C works out almost every day except Sundays, keeping himself healthy and strong.

I have never had to nag C about mowing the lawn or taking out the trash or changing the oil in the car. He is like clockwork. He always leaves the toilet seat down and chastises me when I get my own door. He dances with me in the kitchen, and gets me diet lemonades or egg drop soup when I am not feeling well.

Every day when C arrives home, our two little birds scream his name until he puts them on his shoulder. They are so tiny, and yet he is so gentle with them. They both adore him. Birds are smart, and I am convinced that the birds in our neighborhood have figured out that when he arrives home each day, the first thing he does is fill the bird feeders. He even invented a way to keep the snow off of their food in the winter.

I can't tell you how many times he has been the good Samaritan, helping someone stuck in the snow or reaching out to a neighbor in need, or stopping to help an injured animal. Indeed, I am sure there are many kind deeds I am unaware of. He is brilliant, magnificent, a super hero, a man of God and holy cow, how did I ever get so lucky to call this man my husband! Lucky, lucky me!

Rest assured that I will get chastised for talking about him here, because he is also a very humble man who isn't into self-aggrandizement or personal promotion. Let's instead call this, some well deserved wifely admiration. C, thank you for choosing me.

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  1. It's all lies!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Babe, love you too!


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