Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why I Don't Do Android

Miss me? I know. See, there has just been so much going on, I can't even begin to tell you. Instead let me say that my studly man is out playing in the dirt. Truly. He has these achy, sore legs, and yet he's out there with a shovel digging up our 3rd car driveway spot so that our little ghetto truck doesn't have to sit on dirt and weeds anymore. So there's that...

The Royal Wedding... I didn't really watch it, I confess. No sleep lost there, although I did look at a few pics just to see the funny hats and the dress. I just hope that they get to have fun times like racing for the one-sink bathroom on commercial break to brush teeth and put in their night retainers, but something tells me that won't happen. Maybe because they have as many darn sinks as they want, and all in ONE bathroom, so...

And what is it with food commercials at night? It's like some evil ploy, I swear, since they make me hungry for food I shouldn't eat. Oddly I am really full right now and have been since 4ish. C came home early to finish some work and that was just rude because I had just consumed mass quantities of lean smokehouse beef brisket, thinking he would not be home until 6ish. I texted him to tell him to call when he was close to home so that I could chop up a salad, then settled down for a long winter's nap. "ETA 5 mins" was his reply. Wha????

Moving on, I am flying out to the East Coast next week for a conference. I will have a little rendezvous with a good friend from my mission and some family members want to connect and watch me present while I am there, along with a few others. It will be a blitz trip, which means that I won't have much down time, but that's all good and fine.

King's Speech wins my vote for the finest show I have seen this year. It's so great to see a star who can really act rather than just act like him/herself (ahem: Kevin, Kiera, Meg, Jennifer, Vince, and so on...). Bravo, Collin, Geoffrey and Helena. Collin has made my Liam Neeson list of "It will be good if he's in it" shows.

I have been Tolkienizing lately. Once upon a time this really cute husband surprised me for our anniversary. He created a treasure hunt that led me all over the place and finally landed me at a place we often rock climbed. There, hidden in a cave was a golden box containing the entire, unabridged Lord of the Rings books on CD. I have been listening to them lately, and as a result, we also started watching them at night, all three extended version movies. This was over the span of weeks, mind you; a few minutes here and there, but we finally finished them. I am still working on the books, but I am SOOO excited for the Hobbit to come out next year! More Cate, please!

Argh, and then there's work. Have you ever quit a job and given a month instead of two weeks? Yep. I am just TRUNKY!!! So, even though I have plenty to do before the end of May, I find that it's really hard to focus at work. I actually focus better at home. Speaking of which, I have got to finish the conference playbook tonight, and my conference presentations this week. Dig it.

Well, more news later. Oh, you mean you came here for the title?
Here's my logic:

  1. Android is by Google
  2. To use Android, you agree to give Google access to your info. All of your contacts, your e-mails, your texts, that you access on your phone; they see it all.
  3. Google is a marketing company.
  4. Marketing companies want to learn about you so that they will know what you will buy.
  5. What better way to learn about someone than to get access to your e-mail, texts, and contacts?
  6. Google is the all-seeing eye, because if you sign up with the same e-mail account you have with any of the Google products, they connect all of that data about you (Blogger, g-mail, Google docs, Android stuff...)
  7. Now when you Google stuff online, they are super keyed into what you want! Brilliant, harmless, but kinda nosy. No thanks.

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