Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reflecting back on Mother's Day

It's 6 AM on Saturday, and the time change with South Carolina has me wide awake instead of sleeping in like I should be. It's a beautiful day and it must be a carry-over from the awesome dream I just had about my very cute hubby. It was a dream brimming over with happy and then I wake to find that I am still in that happy little dream!

So I know you are dying to know about my Mother's Day, especially since I have no children. It was really much more like a Mother's Day weekend. Here is how it went:

Friday - C took me to one of my fave Japanese restaurants in his friend's cherry red corvette. He shows me an appointment on his Blackberry: Dance lessons at 7. I am pretty sure this is true love. When we arrive home, he gives me a present: A Pizzelle Maker!!!

Friday night - We arrive at the dance school, and C counts down the minutes to his self-inflicted torture, red-faced, glistening brow; C saying things like, "I'm having SO much FUN!, and both of us laughing to tears. Then I KNOW this is true love.

Saturday - We spend the day at our favorite staycation spot after I enjoy driving up the canyon in the corvette. We share a pear and nut salad and a thin margarita pizza. We then enjoy a game of chess in which I pulled a stunning checkmate, minus one little rule, but let's just say we were both winners that game. Coconut gelato!

Saturday night - Return the 'vette and go out to dinner for Indian.

Sunday - As if I haven't had enough, I come home to C making me lunch and he gives me one card, followed by a SECOND card, and we enjoy the rest of the day relaxing together. What a guy! I feel so lucky to have such a sweet man. Thank you, C for treating me like a queen for Mother's Day!

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