Thursday, May 12, 2011


It turns out I actually have a following. Not here, of course, because this is my incognito blog, and nobody even knows it exists, but yesterday the GM of my new company announced at the opening session of this big national conference that I would be coming to THEIR company. The reaction was gasps and awe, and not so much "who's she?" like one might suppose. It was crazy how many people came up to me and told me to keep them in the loop and they would market for me. Who knew? It's a crazy world.

Well, I am itching, ITCHING, I tell you, to write here, but alas, I have this presentation I have to finish and give in South Carolina tonight, and then I am free to write! My earlier class went very well, and I auto-tweeted during this class to involve the ADD students (or just provide a more interactive experience, really). One down, one to go!

For now, yours truly - and then I can tell you all about my awesome mother's day!!!

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