Friday, May 20, 2011

Moving to Seattle

Let's just be honest: my birds freak my dad out. These birds like very few people, but they adore him and clamber to leap to his shoulder. They then slowly move in for a nibble on his beautiful white mustache, and he draws back as if a tarantula were approaching him.

I always wondered what it would be like to move to Seattle, Washington. We visit there often, and it is just so lovely, rain and all. As it turns out, I have had that opportunity. I didn't have to pack a single box, or even move to a different home! Seattle came to visit me!

This has been one of the coldest, dampest springtimes yet. The rains just keep on coming, and in a place where drought is often a concern, one feels a bit sheepish complaining about all of the moisture. That being said, my lawn is beautiful and green and we haven't spent a penny on water for the lawn. The blossoms are just beginning to fade on my fruit trees, and a thick canopy of leaves has created perfect patches of shade beneath, generous invitations for sunny days outdoors.

I confess, I have decided that living in Seattle may not be as romantic and glorious as I previously believed. As a light sensitive person who normally looks forward to shedding sunglasses on overcast days, I never thought I would be longing for a morsel of sunlight.

For those who miss all of my photos, be patient. I still haven't gotten over the fact that Google capped my photo limit so now I have to upload everything to photobucket, resize, copy the html link, and paste the photo here. Grrrr. I finally decided that I am going to write with or without photos. Photos will eventually return, but for now, my picturesque words will have to do.

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