Friday, January 29, 2010

I Hired the Bagpiper Today

I came home from work today and pulled out the vinegar and olive oil, along with the Ezekiel bread. After eating a couple slices, I felt like I had just taken a wonder drug. I have stayed up every night past two and have not had time to exercise, so this was my indulgent comfort food moment. I think I just might get to sleep tonight.

I hired the bagpiper today, the one who will play for my grandma. It was what she wanted. She told three of us, but failed to mention it to the one paying for most of the funeral, so out of respect for the Grams, I gotcha covered on this one.

On a random comment, iPad? Really? Didn't anyone have the courage to say, "Steve, this is not such a good idea. You realize that SNL writers skulk around like vultures searching for fodder worthy of horrible, tacky skits, right? Surely you realize that there will be some stigma around the name that will prevent people from even wanting to get their hands on one of these. And isn't it just a matter of time before another Shrek movie comes out with a giant gingerbread man attempting to use the iPad as an iPhone? Sorry guys. I LOVE the iPhone, but I do not have one ounce of interest in the iPad. I smell an Edsel hitting the market. +1 for the bad idea that managed to worm its way clear through an entire, successful organization without resistance and poke its hideous face out into plain view of the world just because the boss said so. Tisk, tisk. Who needs a huge iPhone that isn't a phone, and isn't a functional computer either?

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