Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your votes are needed!

I've considered re-naming this blog for a LONG time. I didn't even pull out the creative water pistols at the time I made this blog. It was just a half-hearted attempt to join the ranks of social media incognito, and in my infancy, I opted for the ampersand and our initials as a title. Creative, no?

After toying with a variety of words that demonstrate anonymity, such as incog, arcane, or recondite, I finally came up with something that says what I really want to say. For those who do not dabble in computer arts, allow me to elaborate.

Recursion is when something calls or defines itself. You might have experienced recursion by looking into one mirror with another mirror at your back; the image goes on and on. You may have also experienced recursion if you have been on a video or audio conference, and the microphone on the other end pics up your voice and bounces it back so that your speaker picks it up, bouncing it back to the speaker on the other end, and the audio (or video) bounces back and forth endlessly.

I was thinking about C and me, and we really define each other; where one ends, the other begins, and somewhere in between, something great happens. For 2010, we made a commitment to make our marriage EVEN BETTER, so here's to a new decade, and a new beginning in many ways.

Here are a few possible recursion titles, please cast your vote below or offer a suggestion:
A. Recursively Speaking (or Speaking Recursively)
B. C&A, Recursively
C. Recursive Enlightenment
D. (Recursion is a big word. Nobody will get it.)

And on the lighter side, here are a few other options:
E. Insanely Arcane
F. Kawi's Peeps
G. Incog-Neat-O!
H. In Spite of Recondite
I. (Recon-What?)


  1. I like B, but I would reverse them "Recursively, C&A" I like keeping C&A in the mix, it makes the title more personal.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! good suggestion!

  3. I adore Recursively Speaking. Adore it.

    (btw this is Shanna from the Yoga class. I finally found your blog! yay!)

  4. Welcome, Shanna! Thanks for your vote!


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