Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twoo Wuv

Have you ever learned how to read a love poem in another language? Somehow, when those words are arranged in a different way, it makes a world of difference.

I love to see successful love. Not the obsessive, strange, or lustful kind, but the enduring, sacrificing, pure kind. Our love story isn't perfect, but it is perfect for me. What defines a successful love? When selfishness and pride are not at the center of the relationship, where intimacy is a sacred ground that is never used to manipulate, objectify, or subjugate, but rather to find peace, joy, and unity. Success is the place where both participants attempt to improve and fortify, rather than excuse and justify, and where arguments and disagreements are the internal catalyst for change, pulling together, and reaching for a higher level, rather than fodder for conversation with family and friends.

Successful love is looking for the best when the best is hard to find, being content with what is going right rather than always looking at what is going wrong. It is loving unconditionally. It's about ending a heated conversation with laughter, rather than tears, because you know that even though what was said was stupid or hurtful, that person really loves you and finds no pleasure in hurting you. It is the moment when you forgive quickly because you realize you were forgiven of that same stupid thing last week and he forgave you without a second thought. It is feeling excited to hear that voice, or see that smile, year after year, decade after decade. It is knowing that when age melts away all of the frosting, you will find that your hearts have been welded together.

Love is learning another language, and letting your heart hear words that you otherwise might not understand. It is recognizing that the person who has spent years living with you just might have some suggestions for improvement. It is welcoming honest communication, so that the truth has no need to hide behind fear.

Successful love is fortifying your marriage when someone attempts to tear it down, and knowing that your hearts are ever changing and growing. It is knowing that you can never let love grow stagnant, because those are the times when hearts wander, searching for something better when the very best is right here. It's looking back over the years and realizing that it just keeps getting better and better.

Successful love is realizing that this is the person who makes up those pieces in you that are missing. Even after many years, you realize that this isn't really the person you married, but instead this is someone who has exceeded your greatest hopes and dreams. This is your eternity.

Thank you, C, for being all I ever hoped and more than I could have ever dreamed!


  1. Thanks babe! Looks like I scored some major points by bring home some flowers for you tonight.....without even reading this post first. Oh yeah! That's successful love!

  2. I guess we were both just thinking about each other at the same time today! :) And thank you for the flowers! :)


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