Sunday, January 31, 2010

Status Report

Here is an updated status report:

Monday, I have two weeks to finish my CS course. If I do nothing but CS until now and the 7th, I just might make it.

Tuesday, Grandma dies. I find out I am giving the Eulogy, hiring the bagpiper, calling family, and a bunch of other stuff. Fall asleep around 2 AM after writing the Obit.

Wednesday, working from home while madly working on Funeral preparations, calling people, trying to get the obit posted. Get a hotel for the night before the funeral. Fall asleep around 2 AM after finishing my reading for one of my CS assignments.

Thursday, dragged myself in to work, fielded a few phone calls during the day, including my 2nd cousin who wanted to talk for a long time. Also, played phone-tag/texty to try to help my sis make arrangements to come to town. Picked up a leg of lamb and fruit for Sunday dinner. Finally got a response from school that they would extend my extension to finish my class. Sigh of relief. Fell asleep around 2 AM after working on the Eulogy.

Friday, peeled myself out of bed, arrived at work around 9 (usually 7:30, folks), and actually managed to make progress on the Marketing Analysis document with which I have been tasked, and leave around 4. It's getting cloudy now. Don't quite recall what I did after that... Oh! Right! Hired the bagpiper, cleaned the house, and ... nope. sorry, still cloudy. I think I got to bed around midnight.

Saturday, mixed up the most spectacular Leg o'lamb marinade, had a brain overload when C asked me if I knew where the truck registration renewal card was located, and looked at my seriously disaster area office and had to walk away. He left to register the truck, and I proceeded to clean the office, find the renewal card and many other useful items while Kawi tore up the paper box covers on my CDs. C came home, I scraped together canned soup and pears for lunch, to which C replied, "I didn't know I was eating clam chowder for lunch." He handled my ensuing meltdown REASONABLY well (really, dear, it wasn't you), after which I completed my Sunday School lesson, and C took me out for dinner. We stopped by the store for milk, and upon arriving home, he mopped the floor and did extra deep cleaning while I made the bed for my sis and managed to clean the guest bathroom about thirty seconds before the doorbell rang. I tossed a "comfy" casual C some pants as I walked down the stairs, and paused just long enough for him to look normal when I opened the door and welcomed in my wonderful sis! We chatted until about 11:30 and I fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Sunday, woke up, set out the rolls to thaw and made puffy pancakes and turkey bacon, made preparations for dinner (sliced up fruit and veggies, grated Gruyere), chatted with my sis until 10:23 AM when I realized that if I didn't start the lamb now, I was out of luck. Roasted the lamb, got ready for Church, cooled and chilled the lamb, arrived at church on time, taught a great lesson, raced home after church and threw the dinner rolls (luckily I made, rolled, and froze the rolls the previous Sunday) in the oven, warmed the lamb, cooked the corn, tossed together the fruit salad (kiwi, sliced grapes and sliced strawberries) and green salad (turkey bacon, red peppers, Le Gruyere cheese, soybeans and romaine), and whipped together an impromptu sauce for the lamb. Dinner was ready within minutes of C and the President and Sister N arriving home. Everything went very well, and C whipped up a batch of perfection coconut oatmeal cookies for dessert AND cleaned up dinner AND did the dishes while I chatted. It was so wonderful to have them over! We showed them to the freeway, and I realized we weren't going to make it to the hotel on time. After some language barrier-busting, I managed to cancel the room without being charged, and we will drive through lots of snow tomorrow morning, hopefully arriving in time for the funeral. Ta-da!

I didn't want to bore you with all of the details, but you get the idea. Okay, now I just need to go finish the Eulogy (if I can stay awake...)

So, how was your week?

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  1. My week was much less stressful than yours. Good luck with the Eulogy.


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